What’s Your Worldview?


One of my patients asked me this. Think about it. How would you answer?

I’m feeling very behind on the blog, but can one be behind on a blog? Here are some thoughts from an early psychologist on attitudes toward money:

The next point to be decided on beginning the treatment is the money question, the physician’s fee. The analyst does not dispute that money is to be regarded first and foremost as the means by which life is supported and power is obtained, but he maintains that, besides this, powerful sexual factors are involved in the value set upon it; he may expect, therefore, that money questions will be treated by cultured people in the same manner as sexual matters, with the same inconsistency, prudishness and hypocrisy. He is therefore determined beforehand not to concur in this attitude, and in his dealings with patients to treat money matters with the same matter-of-course frankness that he wishes to induce in them towards matters relating to sexual life. By voluntarily introducing the subject of fees stating the price for which he gives his time, he shows the patient that he himself has cast aside false shame in these matters.

In case you’re wondering, it’s Sigmund Freud.


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