Starbucks Envy


On Wednesday my two morning patients were each guzzling hot, store-bought coffee during our sessions. One of them had an attractive red thermal mug. These were hard moments. In my non-frugal, money-bleeding past I was often in the habit of having ‘first cup’ at home and grabbing some absurdly overpriced and hyped brand coffee, nonetheless very soothing.

But Friday is here and we met some friends at a newish gelato place on Sunset. Fantastic coffee. Perhaps the best in Los Angeles. The kids go ape shit on gelato. We are ecstatic about our afternoon espresso. $15-something. Then a jaunt to the Bright Spot for some so-so diner food. $59 (three adults, three kids).

As Bizarro Debt Reduction guy says, a DWL — A Day Well Lived — no shame in blowing some dough now and again. Actually, it was great.


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