The Blogger and the Parking Ticket


The good news is I got my first comment on my blog! I was startled to get the moderator email. Thanks Hazzard!

But I was quite pissed off the find that I got a parking ticket for not curbing my wheels on a grade. Never got that one before. I suppose it’s a good sign that I don’t just shrug it off as I have in the past. At least in the short term.

In general, I don’t think it’s healthy to get too worked up about these things. On the other hand, forty dollars! That ain’t frugal!

$40. I felt like I dropped three martinis or something. Very disappointing. Especially after eating a cheese sandwich and an apple for lunch.


One Response to “The Blogger and the Parking Ticket”

  1. bummed out Says:

    that’s a bummer about the ticket….martinis sounds like a lot more fun, indeed.

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