Prevent a Financial Tailspin


Dear Diary,

I got another parking ticket today. It was a calculated risk. To get parking tickets two days in a row is intolerable. Fortunately, as you know, I keep a box of cash in the bedroom. This is my random way of saving money. Whenever I have single dollar bills, I chuck them in the box. Sometimes fives. Occasionally I just go wacky and put a ten or a twenty in the box.

I figure, that’s how I spend money (where the hell did it go?) so why not save it that way?

I’m going to take $80 out of the box and deposit it in my account. Maybe I’ll deposit the whole box. It hasn’t been running for very long, this particular box. Previously I’d only used the box for fun money. But I think using it as padding against feelings of hopelessness is an equally good cause. At least. Once those bad thoughts start to snowball it can get bad as bad gets.


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