Haircuts Twice Over


Did I mention the hair buzzer? $16. I’ve already cut my hair, and it looks passable. We divested my son of his golden curls, and it ended up looking fantastically cute. Better than the one “haircut” he once received from a professional — in my highly objective opinion. So it’s already paid for itself twice over.


2 Responses to “Haircuts Twice Over”

  1. Bianca Bizarro Says:

    Yay! I’m still cutting my son’s hair and he’s 17. I’ve saved a lot of money over the years, but now he doesn’t like going to a professional. Will I be forced to cut his hair forever? I also horrified my co-workers today when I told them my bangs were getting long so I trimmed them myself yesterday. Good work!

  2. noma Says:

    Hey thanks! I have to say I was quite proud, my wife called today and told me that the hairstylist mom at my daughter’s school thought the cut was pretty good. I don’t think I dare cut my daughter’s hair, though.

    Horrifying co-workers is a good sign. YNAB lecture say: “You are the office weird-o. Perfect! Everything’s going according to plan.” Today a seminar was cancelled and I had brought my laptop so I did some blogging. Someone noticed the site I was on, and asked what it was.

    “Well, they’re sharing all their expenses and budgets and…”

    Co-worker was obviously horrified and intrigued, both.

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