Ostrich Frugality


I’m starting to hate the word frugal. It’s just too close to frumpy, and has a kind of constricted back-of-the-throat quality. Given that, I’ve changed the focus to finance psychology, rather than frugal psychology. For starters, finance is a much more searched engine friendly word. And there’s the frump factor.

Some of us need to stick our heads in the sand frequently, just for survival. We make an impulse purchase — in my case it was pecans at Ralph’s — and just hope for the best. Now Ralph’s doesn’t strike me as a particularly risky venture, but pecans are another matter altogether. The pecan is a stealthy and vicious beast. An innocuous little bag, can, in some neighborhoods, end up dinging you $8.99.

That’s a lot of beans. By comparison I found a great deal for domain hosting. Thinking about getting a domain? Want your URL to look nice and clean? I am. $1.99 domains!

I am off to that expensive pecan neighborhood today — the Beverly Hills-adjacent Pico Blvd district. Off to my psychoanalytic training world. Only one seminar today, but it’s a 12-hour day. Better fix lunch.


2 Responses to “Ostrich Frugality”

  1. ladydoughgirl Says:

    I think the key is to stay focused on your goals (get rid of the credit card debt, build up emergency fund, increase cash flow) without becoming obsessive to the point that you don’t enjoy life….or a can of soda without thinking of how much you paid and how you could have gotten it for less money….life ain’t worth living if you can’t enjoy a beverage now and again.

  2. noma Says:

    Hmm. I personally find it’s worth living when you get to use the word “beverage”.

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