Zero Dollars and Zero Cents


I need to study for the licensing exam. I’ve come to realize that I am using my zest to blog about debt reduction and the states of mind it evokes as an out. Do I detect hostility in the would-be post below?

You gobble peppered sausage in a break room washed by fluorescent bulbs. You chance upon a bottle of wine from back in the day. You cast a blue tarp over the Volvo in order to save on car washes. (The garage door is broken, the birds vindictive). It is not easy this frugal living — but it is good. Today I spent nothing. Zero dollars and zero cents.

This is like the feeling of hiking for those that do not exercise. A sense of rustic pride. Self reliance. I’ve spotted a hummingbird!

I had a very delusional client who claimed that a hummingbird visited him every day for weeks. That it was the spirit of his mother. This was not a cultural thing. He stretched my credulity to the point of exhaustion. So I associate hummingbirds with delusions.

Who am I kidding that this financial responsibility is going to last? I’m sure we’ve all felt this. Another fad. Another enthusiasm. I mean many of you have posted about the physical clutter in their homes. What about psychical clutter? Those things taken up and then cast aside. Enthusiasms that don’t last.

How do we keep on the path? I’m hoping Maxed Out will be a good motivator. It’s not that I’m slipping or even teetering. I really don’t want that to happen.

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