frugal is not fun


i have tried to get on board with those who defend the word frugal but i just can’t. when i say the word frugal i don’t just feel constricted in the back of my throat…it’s stronger than that…uttering the world frugal makes me feel like i have a hairball coming up fast. in fact it makes me feel like my entire being is A HAIRBALL.

frugal conjures up depressing images of people who would read books about how to knit using cat hair or people who are excited to start finding alterate uses for their dryer lint. blech. where is the joie de vivre in that? and without some joie de vivre i’m afraid i become quite a pill.

i agree with my husband fritz that the word frugal is frumpy. frugal is for the birds. so, i vow to never be called frugal.

becoming fiscally responsible is hard enough. i feel as though i’ve gone cold turkey and i have the shakes. about two months ago we looked at our inflows and outflows and we knew we had to make some changes based on our debts and bad habits. it hasn’t been hard to say goodbye to Starbucks. it hasn’t even been hard to come up with a budget. it’s actually kind of like some sort of fun, sick game. i think the hard part is when you realize that no one else is playing the game and no one wants to hear about how little someone else spends. if you did share your tips (I am on a cash only society, i write down everything i spend, et…) people would think you were a real weirdo. of course then you might get invited to fewer social functions and that in turn would be a cost savings. you see friendships as it turns out are a luxury…of course i’m joking. yet, i have noticed and been grumpy about noticing how many social situations end up becoming centered around spending money (birthday parties = a $10-15 gift for a kid who already has everything; lunch with a friend is at least $7, etc…). once you become aware of your own spending you start noticing how oblivious most other people are….the masses flock to starbucks without thinking about it for a second.

this fiscal responsibility thing has made me grumpy. i’m hoping that as i get used to budgeting i will feel less misanthropic. we’ll see. in the mean time now when i walk past a starbucks i think about how all those people lined up for their lattes are just uncritical suckers….i have an image of all those people asleep like those in those pods from the matrix. wake up and realize that the coffee upstairs isn’t so bad that you should spend $35 a week for this latte crap. save your money for a real experience like a latte in rome…now that’s worth the money.


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