No Latte — undercaffeinated but smug


ok, like i said frugal is not fun….and even being smart with money can sometimes feel like a real drag because it takes effort to think before spending.

that said once you get into the groove of it you can start to enjoy the high that comes from achieving a zero dollar, zero cents day. or at least the knowledge that you were wise enough to resist buying something you don’t need. sucka.

for those of you who need to feel a bit more smug (i mean inspired..), we all love reading lists and doing calculations. so i include a few links:

Advice to All Graduates: Lets Start with that Daily Latte — (NY Times)
Also, check out how much money you save by not going to Starbucks and how much money that savings could make you if invested by visting this cool calculator:

Break the Starbucks Habit & Save Big Calculator


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