Personal Finance Pearl Harbor


Sometimes I think that we are crew members on the U.S.S. Arizona on a quiet Sunday morning. Unknown to us, unfriendly submarines slice through pacific waters, loaded with debt torpedoes.

  • car repairs: $2000. KA-BOOM!
  • post-graduate fellowship tuition: $1350. This is not a drill!
  • upcoming termite inspection. Man the credit cards!
  • overdue student loans: $1500.
  • car insurance (2 cars): $1379.
  • summer school for the girl: $800.
  • summer school for the boy: $603.
  • overdue payments to therapist: $1040.
  • cell phone: $390. Abandon ship!!

Post at Blogging Away Debt really captured the emotional impact that big expenses can have, even anticipated ones.


One Response to “Personal Finance Pearl Harbor”

  1. ladydoughgirl Says:

    Good analogy. It does feel like we’re under siege. But then when you realize that we’re the ones in control does that make it friendly fire? Still doesn’t stop the fact that we’ve been hit hard by some big bills. Oy.

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