Debt Forecast — Gloomy & Gray with Blue Skies Ahead


Lean Cuisine Away Debt
Ugh. Well, the good news is that I think the blog is helping us focus on our goals. I know that my chicken suizas lean cuisine entree never tasted so yummy as it did today. As I ate my entree at my desk I even thought “the portions are actually the perfect size.” How’s that for positive thinking? Everything tastes better when you feel smart about your choices.

This weekend I bought a four pack of Lean Cuisines at Costco for a little over $8 (husband Noma squirreled the receipt away…but I think it was $8.49 for four…). So, even if it was closer to $9 for four lunches that’s $2.25 per lunch. In addition I brought some fruit (not sure of per piece cost) and a granola bar (not sure of unit cost). Anyways, assuming the worst….clementines may have cost 40 cents each (I had 2) and the granola bar 25 cents each. So, this would mean my lunch cost me $3.30 cents. Typically if I eat lunch out I get an employee discount and still spend $7-$10. So, I had a savings of between $3.70 to $6.70. If I do this 3 times a week that means I’ll save $11-$20 a week or $44 to 80 a month.

Old Me, New Me
Now the old me would think “Great, now I can spend $80 a week on something else.” The new me is starting to kick in…Now I’m thinking “great, that’s money we can put towards our debt.” Still I think I’m going to need some sort of treat to keep me going…By treat I mean a movie out with Noma.

Day of Reckoning
Today when I picked up our mail I saw the dreaded “Cardmember services” got a dreaded bill in the mail today. When I plugged the numbers into my spreadsheet I noticed that our credit card debt is actually $23 higher than the previous month. I think this is because before we retired the cards we put gifts for our mother’s on the card. But I’m not even sure. Scary, eh?

Being working parents with two small kids has allowed us to get really sloppy with our finances. We come home exhausted. The last thing you want to do at night is look at your bills or talk about financial planning. This is starting to change which I’m thankful for. Keep your eye on that debt watch because by Friday we will have done some serious battle with getting that number down.

Blue skies ahead.


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