The Ups & Downs of a Debt Gladiator


Blogging for Financial Focus
We’re finding that blogging is a fun way to help us focus and stay energized about conquering our debt. I read that one blogging couple likes to blog because it helps them communicate about money. I find this to be true for us too. It’s especially humorous when you learn something new about your spouse (or his spending or ahem penchant for parking tickets) via the blog.

The Highs & Lows of Financial Responsibility
I’ve noticed that there are definitely highs and lows of being a debt gladiator. This week I’ve read some interesting posts and comments about the joy that bloggers find in their frugality as well as the struggles they face. The ups and downs resonated with me.

The Joys & Glory of Engaging in a Battle with Debt
The Simple Dollar had a great post called “What Aspects of Personal Finance Bring You Happiness?” Trent from The Simple Dollar shared his most exhilarating moments from his personal finance journey and asked readers to do the same. It’s wonderful to read the comments. The joys come from small changes in how we live/think as well as big actions such as paying off a big debt or reaching a financial goal.

The Travails & Horror of it All
On the other side we all have periods of time (could be a moment or days, weeks, months or god help us years) in which we feel so beaten down by our financial woes that it is hard to pull oneself out of that funk and feel like there’s any way our situations will ever change. We either live in denial and rack up more debt or we look that ugly debt beast square in the face and commit to take care of it. Unfortunately the taking care of the beast part isn’t over so quickly and can often take such a long time that we feel we’re paralyzed and hopeless. I know for me the realization that I’m going to be working full time for another 25 years can get me very down. Again, Trent from The Simple Dollar had a great post about this called “I’m Making all the Right Moves but I’m Still Unhappy.”

I should ask my therapist husband for some tips in how to balance between the euphoria and the hopelessness. Could there be such a thing as a bipolar wallet?

Does anyone out there have any tips or thoughts to share about how to reach balance during a battle with debt? Please share your thoughts.


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