Financial Fizzle


My husband Noma has decided that we should be able to survive on $180 a week for groceries and gas. I don’t think this is realistic since we have two kids and the cash got very low last week. The kids aren’t picky eaters but I don’t want to serve them peanut butter and jelly exclusively. And we had a few unbudgeted items come up (lunch at Coffee Table — $20 and ice cream out last night with the family $11).

About a week ago Noma has put all of his credit cards including his debit card and hid them away some where. I handed over my credit cards but I do NOT want to hand over my debit card. I think it’s a bad idea to be driving around town with a car that makes weird noises, two darling kids and a wallet with just $3 bucks, a driver’s license and no plastic. My feeling is that you never know when you might need to pay for triple AAA or something unexpected.

 So, I will not give up my debit card but I have also promised to try to live on the right amount of cash. However, I don’t think $180 is enough for gas for 2 cars, groceries/lunch money for 4 people. Sounds like it’s time for another money date. In the meantime, what do you think? How much does your family spend on 2 cars, groceries/lunch and walking-around-money? Is it less than $180 or more?

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