More Debt Pride


I found out yesterday that I got a 7% raise. The first thing I did was go online to change my 401K allocation and up it back up to 15%. I had to do this before I got used to a bigger check. Pay myself first. Because of cashflow issues I had lowered it to 5% about 6 months ago. I’m hoping due to our new regime of austerity that I won’t have to lower it again. In addition to my 401K my company contributes 15% of my compensation (base salary plus bonuses) to a retirement fund (they don’t match 401K but offer a retirement fund).

We paid $3051.71 to my American Express card. My plan is to now cash in the rewards points on that card and then close the account. Then we can focus on the next credit card.

It’s fun to see some progress. I’ll be really happy when we have achieved goal #1 which is pay off credit card debt. Because I then want to move on to goal #2 which is build up the emergency fund and then on to #3 which is start making some house repairs.


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