Your Debt Reduction Identity


Or mine? I’ve been looking at our layout and thinking about some design changes. A fresh look. Ever since I read that the WordPress Kubrick theme abuses the distinction between categories and tags I’ve felt like we need to get hip. Plus a few more columns might be nice.

Then I’ve been thinking about noma (my handle) and how that’s sounds like cancer. I’m trying to end unwanted growths! Speaking of cancerous, I discovered (ha!) that an account I opened in a more sanguine moment, for professional income, has been merrily decreasing by $8 a month. So that $100 is now $76. I’m pissed. I hate Wells Fargo. Of course, I’ve nobody to blame but myself. But I’ve also found that getting banks to reverse charges isn’t that difficult.

Looking over at the emergency fund I feel that we’ve reached a whole new level. That is, we’re not gonna be leveled by those incoming kamikazes. We’ll simply swivel the big gun. And kablooey.

I think we’ll be living our new routine and taking a break from the blog over the weekend. Tonight a friend’s bringing us dinner and I finally got a hold of Maxed Out. Review on Monday.


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