Debt Watch Progress — 12.7%, There


The widget isn’t behaving. That was a fun sentence to type. Unfortunately I’m having trouble editing the debt watch figure in the upper right hand corner of the page. In the meantime I wanted to note that we’ve made a bit more progress. The only way we were able to do this was because I got a hefty bonus in June.

Start: $25,494.63
Now: $22,466.11

Now we’re actually now at at $22,252.45 in credit card debt.
So, we’ve paid off $3,242.18 or 12.7% of our original credit card debt.

While it feels a bit demoralizing to think how much longer we have to go I am pleased at what we’ve done so far. Especially since we just recently decided to get our financial acts together (just about 5 weeks ago).

While I look forward to many interesting nights of beans and rice and seeing how creative we can be about not spending money I feel like we’re doing about as well as we can without me having a total sense of humor failure. There will only be so much progress we can make on the debt until my husband’s practice starts bringing in more money and/or I get paid another bonus (not until the Spring next year). That’s just the way the cash flows. Or not.


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