Maxed Out, Review


Maxed Out was a good reinforcer for our debt-reducing mindset. It was somewhat less satisfying as a film. As a muckraking documentary it did most of the right things — there was a scene in the senate, there were tears, there were revelations.

I was fascinated to learn that the big banks underwrite many sleazy check cashing and pawn shop businesses. Ripping off the disadvantaged seems to be a bad habit the financial industry can’t kick. The tears weren’t quite as manipulative as Michael Moore might have coaxed, but that element was in evidence. There wasn’t much of a narrative.

We’re keeping it around tonight to watch the Dave Ramsey special feature. I’d never heard of the guy until a few weeks ago!

It was a worthwhile rental. If you need a jolt of anger, it might do the trick. The guys that made the calls to debtors really came off as first-class a**holes. But that’s the nature of such movies. One sided.


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