Packing Lunch, Packing Mistakes


I was so bummed out yesterday when I realized that I’d forgotten my lunch. A little out of proportion. Must watch that. Perhaps that’s why I felt so sympathetic toward Basil yesterday, when I read about his double mistake disaster. His post title, by the way, is worth the visit alone.

Our secret blog world — we don’t discuss the blog with anyone, just we two and you — has been constrained by the arrival of a house guest. Also, ladydough’s father coming for dinner.

Honestly, I think one of my favorite things about the blog is having something that we share, but no family members read it (that we know of), no brick-and-mortar friends. It is an odd sensation, pleasant.

I was being annoying this morning and ladydough hinted that she might never post again if I don’t cut it out. Tail between my legs, I shuddered. Not that!

Addendum: zenhabits has a list of 73 debt reduction tips. He includes a link to a PBS documentary that I, living in the media-free bubble, hadn’t heard about. The link looks great. Click here!


One Response to “Packing Lunch, Packing Mistakes”

  1. ladydoughgirl Says:

    Hard not to get totally bummed out about a careless mistake (forgetting lunch or getting a parking ticket) when you’re making such a conscious effort to pay attention to finances and make progress in achieving your financial goals. Those zingers feel like they sting more. But in the big picture still good to focus on what a good job you’re doing being responsible and aware. xo — your wife

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