Babysitting: Summer Financial Hit


And I don’t mean like hit parade. Top 40. I mean like when the starship Enterprise takes a direct blow from a Klingon photon torpedo to its hull, and Scotty says something about being down to backup power and… you get the point.

We have a number of awesome “babysitters.” I think the word is a misnomer, if not out-and-out pejorative term. This is a person that we trust with our children. They are not babies. They are little citizens in formative development.

Nor is this our “nanny,” who has been engaged on a full-time and part-time basis. The babysitter is more for piecework, if you will.

Yesterday was the last day of school. So we are into the world of wacky daycare options and the logistics of two kids, which as any parent knows, can be quite daunting.

The frugal side of this is “ouch.” When I realized our babysitter would be here from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. I cringed. I believe that’s $150. Bear in mind that right now there’s not a day that I make $150. Well, not regularly anyway. Ouch. I shudder to think about what our summer budget is going to look like.


2 Responses to “Babysitting: Summer Financial Hit”

  1. ladydoughgirl Says:

    It is daunting…funny to communicate via a blog comment but since we never have time between making lunches and getting the kids out the door. Here’s the breakdown for childcare:

    babysitters: $15 hr/day
    back-up childcare near my work: $20 a day (this is subsidized by my company and i can use it up to 10 times a year, i think)
    summer camp option #1: works out to $42 a day
    summer camp option #2 (july): works out to $30 a day

    we’ve already paid for summer camp option #1 which we’ll use M, W, F throughout the summer.

    so, acccording to my document this leaves us having to still pay the following:
    1.) $20 for back up childcare on Friday
    2.) Babysitting 2 full days in June (another $150 day x2 = $300)
    3.) Babysitting 2 full days in July (another $150 dayx 2 = $300)
    4.) 6 days at summer camp option #2 ($30 a day x 6=$180)
    5.) Babysitting 6 full days in August (another $150 dayx 6=$900) — OUCH this is where we may need to figure something else out
    6.) Plus regular $145 for 10 hours a week during the summer ($1305)
    So Total childcare would be: $3005

    Ohmygod. I think we need to figure something out to reduce these costs. Ouch.

  2. noma Says:

    Rush me to intensive care.

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