Debt-o-Meter Updated: 13.877%


I just updated our debt and emergency fund watch numbers. The good news is that we’ve continued to make some progress on our debt. The bad news is that our cash flow hasn’t been flowing in the right direction and we had to transfer some funds from our savings to our checking to cover expenses until I get paid at the end of the month.

So, how did we get off track? I attribute this to having to buy year-end gifts for teachers and having to increase our childcare costs over the summer. A twenty dollar bill here and there can make a difference on a budget without any fat. A 10 hour day with a $15/hr babysitter obliterates me.

I imagine we’ll have to dip into our emergency fund soon as we learn we have termites and we’ll need to tent. It’s going to hurt. Just when it feels like we’re making progress something else comes up. Anytime anyone goes under our house I cringe because of what they might find. Ignorance is bliss. But then again, that’s how we ended up in so much debt. So, the question is how can you be on top of things and still find your bliss? How can you be a realist on a mission w/out getting totally obsessive and discouraged? I’m hoping to find out…


One Response to “Debt-o-Meter Updated: 13.877%”

  1. bjefferies Says:

    Congrats with the progress in debt reduction. This month for me was pretty bad. Hardly anything.

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