Banking On It — Tapping Emergency Fund


Letter to test.
On Monday, I sent in my application for the “letter to test” for the EPPP. Once I get the letter from them, I have 60 days to take the national exam, the Examination for Practice in Professional Psychology. I’d liked to call this a “forced motivator”, but I’m not aware of such a term. It is motivating, though.

The cost to take the exam: $500

Test-center fee: $69

Fees, fees, fees.
In this licensing process, the fees never seem to stop. But this one is a relatively big one, and of course they don’t take personal checks. I was confronted with credit card or money order/certified check. I went and got the credit card, then thought better of it.

The joy of inconvenience.
I decided to get a money order. This would mean mobilizing the mini-emergency fund, as we are in a bill-paying period and it’s quite plausible that we could come up short. Transferring $500 from the mini-fund to checking was a breeze. But the bank, that would be interesting. I reveled in the sheer inconvenience of the thing. All these gross-motor movements just to pay for something!

Down credit card, down!
So easy to write down the credit card number, so mindless. I thought about that extra $500 on the credit card bill, what it would mean in terms of paying off the card, the bump in the finance charges.

Bricks and mortals.
Going to the bank. I can’t even remember the last time I went. Confronted with the bricks and mortar manifestation with its fleet of sales cadets, and their cagey suspiciousness. Driver’s license. Address. It felt like I was cashing my paycheck. Or at a used car dealership. There was no sense of the people there having any expertise, just making sales, counting beans.

The catch.
Writing this has been warm and fuzzy, but I am reminded there’s a $1300 zinger coming next week — tuition at the post-doc. Now that’s really going to put the emergency fund to work!


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