Nut Shell Game — or How to Transfer Funds to Cover My Ass


We don’t have enough money to pay our bills. We’re trying to pull everything together and be more responsible but we just don’t have enough breathing room to cover everything. This week we had to pay an extra money for childcare since our daughter is out of school and an unexpected $200 for a structural engineer to come by our house to look at the massive cracks in the side of the house. While our networth is very good it’s hard not to feel like chicken little. Is the sky falling down? All I know is that it feels impossible to make any progress towards paying off our debts let alone moving on to bigger, more exciting financial goals.

Today we realized that our emergency funds needed to be dipped into to cover the EPPP exam costs, the engineer, the increased childcare. So, we’ve gone from down to $4100.98 in emergency funds and our credit card debt has jumped up $700 as well. Ugh. We also know we have to tent our house for termites soon. Someone told me to expect that to cost about 3K. It’s not like we’re paying for some extravagant marble countertop we’re just making sure our biggest asset (our house) doesn’t fall apart. And even then it’s too much money to keep up with.

I’m grumpy. Definitely not feeling like an empowered debt warrior…more like an anxious sucker.


One Response to “Nut Shell Game — or How to Transfer Funds to Cover My Ass”

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