Found Money


I was thinking there was tuition, $1300, coming up at the post-doc — but there is not. I am done with tuition! This is an awesome bit of luck, not to mention a commentary on my money awareness (or lack thereof). It softens the blow of paying $1500 to visit my family around the holidays, somewhat. I don’t know where the heck our emergency fund is at, but I know our credit card has sprouted ears again. Shit.

I forgot my lunch today. I sidestepped the sense-of-humor failure. In fact, I had to borrow ten bucks from one of my office mates, because I didn’t have any cash nor even my ATM card. Nor a credit card. I strolled to Ralph’s and got some salami and apples. Come to think of it, there’s still some in the fridge…


2 Responses to “Found Money”

  1. ladydoughgirl Says:

    Hi Noma,
    This is your wife. The image of the credit card sprouting ears made me chuckle. Perhaps we could even come to think of it as something cute….? Well, probably not. Do big greedy vermin have ears?

    Good to hear that we don’t have more tuition to pay.
    Ladydoughgirl (aka your wife)

  2. Xango Info Says:


    You reall think so?! Well it was a good read anyhow!!

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