Moral Highground — What to Do With It?


Over at retire young or die trying, Alex is wondering whether he should “sell out” and allow a payday loan company to advertise on his blog. But this is his blog‘s stated purpose:

This blog will document my attempt to save and earn as much money as I can, as fast as I can, with the purpose being to retire as young as possible and to stop having to work.

Six out of ten, at this writing, polled at his site think he should allow the ads. Given his stated purpose, I wonder if he shouldn’t reconsider. Hmmm. My own thought is that allowing big banks to make more money is unfortunate, possibly even vile. But, that sounds awfully puritanical. Scruples are a pain in the butt, when you get right down to it.

I don’t see any real contradiction in running the ads. I mean, is your readership going to take out a payday loan? Doesn’t the content at The Simple Dollar and Lazy Man and Money speak volumes more than an ad? Do you look at ads? Or is this a case of put your money where your mouth is (which always sounded distasteful to me, like poker).

Upon reflection, both of the above-mentioned sites reveal a very pragmatic approach in content and design. Both are interested in passive streams of income, not something I would argue with. I don’t think they give up any moral high ground.

Anyway. Maybe I should be writing about cultish religions founded by science fiction writers and staffed by others that really like the color blue. Bizarro asked about that one. But that was before Sin City on The Cheap.


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