July Grocery Shopping — $306.04 tally and 16 more days to go


It’s halfway through the month of July. I decided to tally up how much we’ve spent on groceries this month. So far we’ve spent $306.04. This works out to $20.40 a day. We have four people and a pet in our home. Pet aside, this works out to about $5/a day for groceries for each person in our home.

I realize we’re only halfway through the month. Assuming we spend the same amount on groceries for the second half of July that means we will have spent about $612 on groceries this month or $153 per week. I’d be really impressed if we could keep our groceries to just $150 a week.

My husband sent me an article about how much people spend on their groceries and I was shocked that some people manage to spend just $150 a month. I wonder if they are eating only rice or if they aren’t being completely accurate in their accounting….Or are we just super wasteful?

Some interesting links with more on what people spend on groceries as well as some tips for how to reduce costs:


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