Help! Termites are Eating Our Emergency Fund


The optimist in me says it’s a good thing we had started to build an emergency fund. We recently found out that our house has termites and that we’re going to need to tent it for fumigation. Unfortunately, this is going to cost $2400 not including the cost of having to find a place to stay while our termites get gassed out. I transferred funds from our ING account to cover the cost. Glad I didn’t put this on a credit card.

This now means our emergency fund is at $1700. I know that my car still needs even more work done to it. The mechanic said the struts will cost about $600. For now it’s apparently safe. However, I don’t think many cars ever sounds this clunky and junky. As long as I don’t have to drive my boss anywhere I think I can live with it. My kids certainly don’t care.

 So, the pessimist in me is bummed to see the emergency fund get so low and I wonder if I’ll have to wait until my next bonus to see it get some positive activity.

 I hope those termites appreciate the money I’m spending on them. Damn ingrates.


2 Responses to “Help! Termites are Eating Our Emergency Fund”

  1. Bianca Bizarro Says:

    I know how you feel. I have $2700 in bills coming up the end of the month: my dental bill, two credit card payments (which will be paid in full) that included a cash advance for my son’s car, the bill for tires for the car, and Number One Son’s $950 payment for college. Ugh! My emergency fund will drop to a sad $3000. At least I think my son appreciates the money I’m spending on him more than your termites.

    Plus you’re trying to kill them.

  2. ladydoughgirl Says:

    You are too funny. Yes, true, I suppose spending money on our children is different than on our termites. Definitely a better return on investment even if the 3 and 6 year old don’t burst into spontaneous thank yous.

    Thanks for the comment. It made me laugh which as we know is priceless.

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