Struggling with Debt, Struggling with Study


A new realm.
We seemed to have moved into a new realm in terms of the debt-reduction struggle. The budget, at least for the moment, has fallen to the wayside. It’s not that we aren’t committed to a budget, but haven’t settled on what’s going to work for us.

Striking modifications.
On the other hand, we have successfully made a pretty striking modification of our spending habits. This is way cool. I take lunch every day (okay, one day I forgot my ATM card and had no cash and had to borrow $10 — oops, I forgot to pay it back!).

There have been some casualties. I don’t know where I put LadyDough’s ATM card. She might have to order a new one.

My driving habits have changed, but I think that saves us like maybe $100 a year. I am more focussed on my professional website at the moment. That avenue is a much more likely road to debt reduction.

Another realm completely.
I wrote a thing on psychologists seeking rights to prescribe psychotropic medication for my local psychological association. I don’t think it was received well. Big Pharma has already begun to infect us. Sad. They’ll be asking me to write a different article, no doubt, putting me in a dilemma. I don’t want to summarize the views of others, especially when I think they are not well reasoned, at best, and disingenuous at worst.

Study break.
I need to dedicate a week off from blogging in order to do some serious studying. I got my letter to test, which means I have about 50 days to schedule and take my test for the licensing exam. Until July 25th, I leave you in Lady Dough’s capable hands.


One Response to “Struggling with Debt, Struggling with Study”

  1. ladydoughgirl Says:

    Study, study, study! This is the road to debt reduction. Licensure = paying clients = more income = debt reduction = dancing wife, freedom to breath and ability to live life more strategically.

    Tactical living aint for me (at least not when it comes to pinching pennies to make my own detergent).
    xo, Ladydoughgirl

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