Credit Card Stalemate


My Lunch with Debt
Today during my lunch hour I paid a few credit cards and then updated the spreadsheet that I use to track all of our debts and assets. The good news is that in July my retirement plan got bigger by quite a lot. I noticed, however, that our credit card debt has been stubbornly hovering around 22K despite feeling like we’re making constant sacrifices to the credit card companies. This is in part because of the onslaught of car repairs, home repairs, etc.

Christmas on 27 December
Then tonight I realized it’s also because we bought our tickets to visit family over the holidays. To buy four tickets for the approximately 5 hour plane ride cost us $350 per person (with tax it worked out to $1500). The tickets would have been more like $3-4K had we decided to go during Christmas. I played around with fares and found that flying out on 27 December reduced our ticket costs by more than half. Before buying the tickets we got the ok from the relies. The relies were game to celebrate xmas after Jesus was born. And the kids are always game for having a holiday at home and then one again with their grandparents and aunt(s), uncle(s) and cousin(s). I put the tickets on one of our visa cards and then forgot about it. Yet, I hadn’t forgotten to keep paying our bills down.

So, while we’re maintaining the 22 K and not making too much progress I am happy to report that it hasn’t gone up and we’re starting to make baby steps.


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