Confessions from a Debt Whiner


Blogging about our financial goals allows me to do the following:
(1) focus on our goals
(2) communicate with my husband about staying the course
(3) track our progress 
(4) create a community in which we can share stories and inspiration
(5) have an outlet to whine and complain about how much it sucks to be in debt and how god awful it feels to start digging your way out….(shoveling a mountain of s&*t with a toothpick)

Confessions from a Blog Whiner
Lately I’ve been using this blog to really have a good whine about it all. When I mentioned that I’ve been whining a lot on the blog my darling husband kind of nodded tentatively and agreed by saying “no one really likes hearing it.” When I said “you’re right. I think I should delete it” he countered with “no, it’s part of the process.” Yes, it is definitely part of the process. Does this whining help us though?

Financial Exorcism
I still feel like I’m in a bit of a financial exorcism. Some ugly feelings have definitely come up since I’ve woken up to realize I can’t afford that coffee I’ve been drinking for the past 2 years. It ain’t pretty. I want my latte along with a generous heap of credit, thank you very much. Did I just say that? No, bad ladydough, bad. Time to drink the office brew.

Noma, the smart husband, is right in that this whining is all part of the process.  

While I realize this grumpiness is part of the process I’m going to also try to remind myself to be thankful for all that I have and to be more patient with myself. After all I am so incredibly fortunate for so many things. Also, we just started our new lives as debt warriors in May. It took us a few years to build up this debt and I need to just take a deep breath and realize it may take me a few more before I get rid of it again. That’s ok.  But it’s so hard. Now that I’m ready to face reality and make progress I have to wait. That’s tough.

 So, without further ado, here are some things I’m thankful for (not in any particular order):

1.) I have a wonderful husband and two healthy, beautiful, curious, interesting kids
2.) Everyone in our extended family is healthy
3.) After many career changes my husband has found a field that he loves and enjoys. He knows he will never want to retire and he is sure he will find success as a therapist.
4.) I have wonderful, lovely, supportive friends
5.) We own our house. Although we are cashpoor our networth is high due to the value of our home and my retirement savings
6.) For the past 5 years I’ve been able to save about 20-30% of my income towards our retirement
7.) We are lucky enough to live in an area of LA with a good public school
8.) I work at a stable company where I never have to worry about being laid off
9.) I live in a blue state
10.) I’m not on any medications


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