The $34 Haircut


I haven’t had a haircut in months. I decided to finally get my haircut and I was thinking about going to Supercuts when my wise husband said “No, as a woman you can’t go to Supercuts because that would be Hair Suicide.” Made me laugh and also feel good about spending a few extra bucks on myself to get a decent haircut.

I ended up going to a place just one notch above Supercuts. I found out the name of a haircutter at the place. If I weren’t anonymous I’d show you how cute my haircut is. It’s is definitely as good a haircut as any I’ve ever gotten. This one cost me $26. Normally people tip $5 but I tipped $8 as I loved my haircut so much. So, the whole thing cost me $34.  Normally my haircuts cost between $50-75, not including tip. So, I think it came out pretty well.

Lazy Man and Money recently had a post about how much women spend on their haircuts.  It’s interesting to see how much women pay for their hair.


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