Debt Extermination — 1 card down, 3 to go


I just got off the phone with American Express. I’m happy to report that this member since 1990 paid off her personal card and closed the account. I found it immensely satisfying to tell them to get rid of the $55 membership charge (which was just applied this week!) and to close the card. They tried to ask personal questions and even said “what can we do to keep you with American Express?” I said, “I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t feel like I’m being heard. I’ve asked to cancel my card.” Once I hung up the phone I got my big scissors out and cut that sucker up. Chaching…that’s the sound of becoming closer to $0 debt.

So, the positive part is that we’re down to 3 cards. My goal is to get down to 1 shared credit card and $0 debt. The downside is that while we’re down to 3 cards our debt has gone up as I had to put the second half of the bill for the extermination company on a credit card since I don’t get paid until 31 July. I’ll be sure to pay that down once I get paid.

It sometimes feels like I make a baby step and then have to take a big step backwards. Today however I’m not feeling discouraged by that. At least I’m aware and doing everything I can to help us move forward.

Happy Friday.


2 Responses to “Debt Extermination — 1 card down, 3 to go”

  1. HMiller Says:

    What I might have suggested is when they said what can we do, you say “refund the annual fee”. You could call back in a day or two and cancel the card then. And you would have gotten your $55 back

  2. ladydoughgirl Says:

    Oh, I actually did get them to refund the annual fee. I had them refund the annual fee and then I cancelled. So, it worked out pretty well.

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