It Feels So Good


Despite some recent setbacks, snowballing costs related to the termite tenting, I’m feeling remarkably enthusiastic about Lady Dough’s dispatch of the Green meanies, a.k.a. American Express. Please, where do they get off with the personal questions? Don’t they have enough personal information as it is?

One down, indeed.

On a pratical note: Some ancillary costs to termite tenting (death to termites):

    $97 for work outfit — I didn’t realize we weren’t going to be home on Sunday night. I’m happy with the clothes, though.
    $20 on lunches I would not have paid retail for otherwise
    $150 on hotel expenses
    $35 to park car in hotel last night

Ouch, it does add up. Also, we had a delicious weekend in Del Mar, north of San Diego. That saved us $150 in hotel costs. It was a beautiful drive and Del Mar was gorgeous. Never underestimate the salubrious and salutary effects of ocean air. Not to mention the scent of pines.


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