Thunderbirds, Activate!


Since American Express has obviously declared war on us, in a very obnoxious way, we are forced to give up our peaceful ways and bring out the big guns. Though I’m not sure why it didn’t occur to us before, probably some kind of cognitive block, we do have some mutual fund shares we could sell. I have the cold-war image of an old stop-motion cartoon where they had to defend the earth from these evil UFO’s. It was an English show, perhaps?

In any case, Lady Dough and I are simultaneously turning keys in the silo and will be nuking American Express. This is the least inflammatory language I can use. It is difficult to muster the self-control to not say all the nasty things I feel about them.

But of course, it was us that failed to read the fine print. We missed the payment. Well, fine. Enough is enough. We are very fortunate to have this option. I don’t think we pictured liquidating our investments to pay off debt, but there you have it. Reality kicks you in the teeth.


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