July Round-Up


Here’s some stuff from July. As I’ve been purportedly studying for the licensing exam, or working on my professional site, or reading some great books — Lady Dough’s been taking up the slack and providing almost all of the inspiration.

Eight random things about us, two for the price of one. Lady Dough. The other guy.

We’ve got termites, and Lady Dough is exterminating credit cards. This thing has really knocked us on our collective ass. There’s no food in the fridge, we’re taking cold showers, the cat is back for a week before we take it back for our other, more pleasant, less task-oriented vacation.

The joy of cheap services. And free lunch. Lady Dough is really challenging the cognitive rule-of-thumb that “expensive is better” and its converse, “cheap is bad.” In the trade, we call these shortcuts “heuristics” and marketers, also known as “compliance professionals” manipulate the hell out of them.

And way back, a post that contains the words “ass” and “nut” in the title. How can you not read that?

August plans to be quiet around here, particularly between the 8th and the 17th. Enjoy.


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