Privacy? What’s That?


Reading Lady Dough’s mention of privacy reminded me of something I read recently. Privacy may well be a soon-to-be-antiquated concept, if you use a computer. The article, tellingly entitled Invading Our Own Privacy includes this stunner:

And now, according to Science News (Jan. 13, 2007), because computer users have “characteristic patterns of how they time their keystrokes [and] browse websites,” researchers are learning how to use “typeprints, clickprints, and writeprints, respectively, as digital forms of fingerprints.”

If you’d like to zoom in further, here’s the Science News article. It includes some curious facts about code-breakers during WWII.

On the bright, non-Orwellian side, I’m feeling a little liberated. I took an important practice exam that is supposed to be “highly predictive of a passing score” on the national licensing exam, the EPPP. And I got the score I wanted. Since the woman that teaches the prep class is a statistics whiz, I feel fairly confident that the score is predictive. As long as I keep studying. Now I can do so with some breathing room. Ahhhhh.

We’ll be going on vacation soon. We may vanish until late-August, but we’ll be back with a vengeance. Up soon: The Carnival of Debt Reduction. Hope you can join us, for the carnival, that is.


One Response to “Privacy? What’s That?”

  1. ladydoughgirl Says:

    Yipee! You’re getting closer! Closer to your professional and financial goals!!!

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