Vacation from Blogging


I’m making a unilateral call. I should find out about the results of my licensing exam soon, on Monday. I think, though, that we’ll probably not be back scrutinizing the finance stuff for a few weeks. October 5th. Of course, Ladydough is free to violate this at any time. So check back once in a while, for kicks.

Lady Dough said to me the other day, “I can’t believe Bizarro are done with their blog. I feel like we were blogging for them.” RIP.

Blog Action Day.
Of course you all know about the blog action day coming up, right? Check it out. Google ‘blog action day’.


One Response to “Vacation from Blogging”

  1. Bob M Says:

    Licesing exam…yikes I hate them. Being a licensed Marine Engineer I know how much they suck. Good Luck…BTW don’t give up on the blog…enjoyed it myself. I’m also the owner of G5 Business Directory therefore always crawling the net and let me tell you this blog is nice place to sit back and relax and enjoy the reading. Keep it up!

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