Can We Afford Intelligentsia (Coffee)?


Sure it makes Starbucks taste like the swill that it is. The branding is terrific (but is not used to good effect on their website). The coffee is fantastic. But can we afford Persephone & Alchemy, Zirikana, Anjilanaka? Starting to think about cutting corners. Eating out, $3 coffee, these things are on their way out. But I don’t know if we can give up Intelligentsia.

Look, tea, made at home of course, is insanely cheap. Put it in a thermos. Tons of antioxidants (black or green) and research has proved (though I can’t cite it) that it gives a more sustained, gradual release of the caffeine, leading to a more relaxed, alert mind. No crash. The whole personal finance recovery thing is about smoothing out the roller coaster of consumerism, isn’t it? Drink tea.


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