Spring Round-up: Some Favorite Posts


From last spring, that is. Still, some nuggets here

Greatest Hits.
Spring has come and gone, it’s not quite 7 a.m. and sun is blazing through the blinds, and I’ve yet to put together a greatest hits package. So here it is, in no particular order. This debt-reduction ride has been fun. I’m seeing that choosing favorite posts is like choosing favorite children — well, if we had three kids, we would have picked one.

A few things that stand out: LadyDough has really been kicking butt! The phenomenon of sense-of-humor failure is something to watch out for. This ride really has its ups and downs, that’s for sure. While short posts are delightful, rants have their place…

Psychology of Personal Finanace.

  • Mental Health Day, A Good Investment. Click here.
  • The psychology of getting frugal. Ever wondered how to really leverage habit building? Click here.
  • A numbers running rant.
  • Freud on Money. Click here.
  • The all-important emergency fund. Click here.

La Vie Frugal — Living the Dream.

  • Destitute Credit Zombies. Click here.
  • It’s the little things. Click here.
  • Getting into Gas. Jasmine. Errands. Click here.
  • Getting into the groove of austerity. Click here.
  • Debt gladiator. “Could there be such a thing as a bipolar wallet?” Click here.
  • Chicken Suizas Lean Cuisines never tasted so yummy. Click here.
  • Frugal Bugle. Getting into the car thing. Click here.

The Sense-of-Humor Failure: When Frugality Turns to Self-Flagellation.

  • A day in reassessing debt. Confronting an ugly phenomenon: Sense-of-humor failure. Click here.
  • Loosen up a little! Click here.
  • Driving, more. A minor sense-of-humor failure. Click here.
  • The bottom. Humor completely absent. Not for the faint of heart, but instructive. Click here.

Parenting Posts.

  • Parents gone wild. Click here.
  • Keeping up with the Joneses. Click here.
  • Capital of Consumerism. Click here.
  • Daughters and Mothers. Click here.

Well, that’s it for May and June. Next time, July.


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