Limping Back to Frugality


Waiting for a plumber, who’s probably not going to show.

We’re just, just getting back into the mode of observing what is happening in our financial life. It’s sort of like being caught in a crashing wave and being wrapped in kelp — 1. things are a mess and 2. things are in flux. Anyway, I found a quick free budget tool, BudgetSimple, and punched in the numbers that I could think of. (YNAB Pro is on an out-of-commission laptop). I’m almost always sure I’ve left something out, though, when it comes to expenses. Finished updating the still questionable LiquidLedger, personal finance tracking software.

Early findings: Having kids is expensive.
We have a pretty good income, but a lot of expenses. I thought about this when I sauntered into Metropolitan cafe today. It did not deter me from plunking down $4 for a latte. I’m not ready to deny myself yet. I’ll work up to excruciating self-abnegation as things progress. At the moment we have a decent bank balance. But our budget projects that balance will erode by at least $500 per month even as salaries continue. Intuitively this is not surprising, yet in terms of how we spend money — the way we spend money doesn’t make sense. If that makes sense.

So, still getting oriented.


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