Debt Reduction Newbie? See Snowflaking


What is it? If you’re new to this debt-reduction subculture you’re in for a treat. Moving up the ladder of abstraction into more and more arcane info — finance, personal finance, debt reduction, and the kicker — snowflaking. Snowflaking has posted the first edition of its own carnival!

Snowflaking, as I understand it, is the practice of immediately applying any extra funds, however humble, to one’s credit card balance. Intuitively, this seems to be a great idea. Rather than just make the necessary minimum payments, keep chucking money at the debt, grinding it away by attrition. Another key idea seems to be selling of junk, unneeded stuff, finding other ways to make a little extra cash, and, you guessed it — snowflake it.

Iconic power? LadyDough informs me that there are snowflake icons all over the debt reduction world. Obviously, this is an idea flourishing within a subculture — like a new chess opening, or a surgical procedure — an idea that only a select few are gorging themselves on. It’s time has come?

Carnival, carnival, carnival. It’s so much more fun when subculture concepts emerge out of an organic communication process, rather than medical research or academia. So I’m revving up for debt reduction. Can’t wait for my first snowflake. Don’t hesitate. Let’s get this country out of debt! Get thee to the carnival. Many links!


One Response to “Debt Reduction Newbie? See Snowflaking”

  1. LadyDoughGirl Says:

    Yes, I’m seeing snowflakes everywhere in the blogging world.
    What I’m wondering though is how to capture those snowflakes when the heat is on and they become ever elusive….

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