Coming Clean: How did we do with our finances this week?


Ok, so I have to come clean. I still have an overdue library book in my car.
But what did we do right?

#1. We paid our bills on time.
If you’re like me and work full time, have 2 kids then you are exhausted at the end of the day and probably find it hard to find the time to stay on top of the bills. A few weeks ago I made a note in my calendar at work to pay bills on 15-May. I get paid on this day so I knew I would have the money. I noted which bills to pay and how much. I was easily able to do this from my desk at work thanks to online bill pay.

#2. I didn’t pay for any coffee. (Did Noma?)

Now that I’ve said “stop the madness” I get a sick satisfaction from walking by Starbucks. That little voice inside says “Nope, don’t want to be a sucker. I’ll keep my $3.50, thank you very much.”

#3. I packed lunch for my husband and I two days this week.

So, it isn’t every day but it’s better than nothing. Together this saved anywhere from $25 to $35. That adds up.
#4. I went to the gym 2 days this week.
Ok, so it may not be directly related to reducing debt. But as Tricia from Blogging Away Debt knows there’s a correlation to trying to get rid of debt and get rid of excess weight. Also, as many others have noted there’s a cost to poor health.

#5. I got my husband to close a bank account that had a negative balance.
My husband opened a checking account and was slowly letting it die on the vine. I let him know that he needed to revive it with a cash infusion or close it out. Getting a statement with a negative balance just won’t do. He closed it!

#6. We snowflaked some money.
I have an automatic deposit for health care reimbursements. I received a $100 deposit for a dr. visit. My husband snowflaked this towards our CC debt.

#7. I taught my kids a lesson about spending money.
My daughter LOVES money and she doesn’t like to spend it. She has it neatly organized in a little box in her bedroom. She recently received about $60 from various relatives for her 7th birthday. My daughter and son were at the drugstore with me asking for toys. I normally just say “nope.” But this week I told her that if she wanted to buy them she would have to use her birthday money. She asked me how much items cost and made a decision about how much she would be willing to give up to have an item. When we got home I showed her the receipt and took the money from her box. While I don’t need that extra $15.00 I do feel that she needs to understand that things cost money and that every decision has a consequence. I was happy to have the opportunity to show her this. She seemed to appreciate it as well.

#8. I blogged.
Blogging about the challenges we face as well as our goals has really helped me stay focused on what we need to achieve.

#9. I shopped at the cheaper Grocery Store.

I really like shopping at Gelson’s. It’s a pleasant experience all around. However, as one my friends put it their motto should be “why pay less.” I’m trying to retrain myself….Instead of driving East I’m forcing myself to go West to Albertson’s which offers much cheaper prices. With my Albertson’s card I supposedly had a $10.43 savings today. Who knows? I should take my receipt to Gelson’s and calculate the costs of what the items would have been. If I did that then I would reinforce the need to shop at less pleasant but much cheaper store.

10. I entered our expenses in Liquid Ledger
This helps us know how much money we really have.


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