The Good Life — America Yearns for Stability and Simplicity


Everywhere I see signs that most Americans are yearning for a change. Politically, yes but also we yearn for personal change as well as financial change.

We only get the Sunday newspaper delivered. Otherwise I read all my papers online. One feature I particularly like is the New York Times’ “Most Emailed Articles List.”

I would argue that atleast half of these articles cover financial issues and that the topics covered include a desire to rein in spending and focus on what our core values are as individuals, families and citizens.

A sampling of what I’m seeing:

#1 most emailed article — Five Basics for Building a Solid Financial Future
I like this mantra “Index (mostly). Save a ton. Reallocate infrequently.”

#3 most emailed article — “Chasing Utopia, A Family Imagines No Possessions
While this family’s dream seems a bit unrealistic to me (do they have homesteading skills?) I understand the desire to get rid of possessions. Almost everyone I know wants to stop accumulating things. It’s a burden and it drains our energy.

#7 most emailed article “Hard Roads Ahead
I think this quotation says it all “The role of the federal government in improving secondary education should be one of the major issues in the presidential campaign, but it’s not. The U.S. has stopped dealing honestly with difficult and complex problems. Politicians (and not just John McCain, by any means) spin fantasies of a wondrous, cost-free future. No investment and no sacrifice necessary.”


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