Saturday Night Blues


I just went through Liquid Ledger and realized that we have over $2200 worth of uncashed checks. It drives me crazy that people take such a long time to cash checks. Our Liquid Ledger appears to be a bit off. Once these checks clear we will only have a small amount of money ($1100 or so) until I get paid at the end of the month.

I hate being in this situation. Our expenses are much too high for our income. We’ve been trying to pack lunch this week but that seems almost like a quaint attempt to solve a collosal problem. Kind of like the dutch boy and his frickin’ thumb.

We’ve had some unexpected expenses in the last month:

— over $2000 in car repair

–over $1200 in house repairs (have to fix a retaining wall)

My husband’s car is about to die. Today it did peter out and he had to have it towed. This means another expense (1) repair and (2) rental car.

One step forward and about four steps back. Should I feel good about even noticing the steps back and forth?


One Response to “Saturday Night Blues”

  1. Jennie Says:

    When it rains it pours. I totally feel you. I am experiancing the same problems. I am currently planning my wedding and each time it looks like things are going good, something happens. My car broke down and needed $1,300.00 dollars worth of reapairs and now my Fiance’s car broke down and needs $700.00 worth of repairs. We are bringing his car this weekend and today my check engine light came on!? I feel like we never catch a break. So there goes what little bit we saved up so far on the cars. You would think we drove old cars or that we were hard on our cars but we are not, we just have no luck! Every little bit helps though. If you add up your lunch each day, for a week, a month and then a year, it does add up and you are savings hundreds of dollars. I also stopped buying coffee every morning and I try to do my errands according to where I am in an attempt to save gas! All of these things may seem silly but do help in the long run. Well good luck in all you do!

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