No Whining Wednesday


Yes, I did whine a bit over the weekend. It’s hard when you feel like you’re making an effort and being mindful of every move and then and the unexpected event occurs (home repair or auto repair) and blows you and your money off the board. Go back to Jail. Anyways, it’s a process. Eventually we’ll have enough money earned and saved to account for the unexpected events.

On a positive note:
— I finally returned my overdue library book.
— I got a free lunch (if I eat 10 times at the company-subsidized restaurant I get my 11th meal free).
— I filled my DCRA claim for a couple months and expect to receive a check back for $1000.00


One Response to “No Whining Wednesday”

  1. Jennie Says:

    Eveyone is entitled to whine every once in a while. If we do not we would go crazy! I completly understand where you are coming from in regards to each time you have a lilttle bit of money saved and think you are going to be okay an unexpected bill comes up. I am current planning my wedding and each time I have a little bit of money in the bank, either my car or my Fiance’s car breaks down and the money is spent. It is like when can we catch a break! I have my excel sheet on my work and home computer with my budget on it and it is very, very helpful. I now know where all of my money is and where it goes each week. It is a handy tool to think about using. I was able to cut out useless spending. I no longer buy coffee in the morning or eat lunch out every day. I am savings about $60.00 a week just by doing that. I also cut a few corners in other areas too. Now if only gas prices would go down!

    On your postitive notes, I am gald things are starting to look up for you!!

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