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Where Do They Go?

October 31, 2007

Old blogs that is. I considered calling this “coda”, but I’m not sure it’s time just yet to cash in the chips, call it a day, and so on. In glancing over the more recent posts I note that there’s nothing about my passing the licensing exam. And that’s ancient history.

We are back in debt, to the tune of a few thousand at least. That I only have a ballpark idea indicates where we’re at. Still, it’s confined to one card now. We just hit that wall of “I want that.” That wall is tough. Plus, what do you do when your bank balance is $0.00. That was a new one, courtesy of overdraft protection. But it didn’t last for long and soon we were at -$207.


Vacations and the value of perspective

September 6, 2007

Our posts have been erratic and our stats have been plummetting. And I haven’t even cared. Frankly I haven’t been in a blogging state of mind. And that’s OK.

I’ve been on the beach, literally and figuratively.

We went on vacation back at the beginning of August and then I was on a business trip. Going away has so many amazing benefits. It’s wonderful to get out of the grind of daily life and all the work and worry. I also find that leaving the daily grind allows me to relax and really reconnect with family and what it is I enjoy (going for walks, reading books, cooking good meals, time to daydream, etc…)

I got back from my voyages a couple of weeks ago. Another benefit of travelling is that I always feel so happy to come home. I notice things I really like about my life while I’m away and it feels good to get back.

That said, I’ve found that for every week away it takes 2-3 weeks to get back into a routine.

As Noma mentioned we need to updated our debts and net worth information. The good news is that we decided to sell some stock to get rid of most of our credit card debt. I feel so happy about that decision. Now we need to get aggressive about managing our money so that we don’t rack up the debt again.

Response Burst

August 25, 2007

I was looking at our stats — there was a huge jump during the debt reduction carnival, then a precipitous drop and complete flattening out during our vacation and continuing into the present. This looks suspiciously like what is called an extinction (or response) burst. First, I must assert that that is not what it is! Say it isn’t so!
Extinction burst.
An extinction burst occurs after a reinforcement is discontinued. For instance, if you stop picking up the crying baby at night, initially, the baby will cry louder, perhaps even for a longer period of time. But eventually, lacking reinforcement, the baby will stop crying.

‘Correct’ parenting.
(I’m not advocating that you leave your baby crying in the crib. Nor am I saying it’s tantamount to a war crime. For the most part, I think that’s a very personal decision that has as much to do with who parents are and what they can tolerate, in conjunction with who their child is and what she can tolerate. It has more to do with these things than any particular prescribed way of ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ parenting. In other words, it depends. Whatever works for you!)

Back in the saddle.
What was the topic again? Oh, right. Well, there was a huge spike in the stats. And then there was the plateau of death. I’m cooking a Trader Joe’s pizza. There was a comment on the site that I can only ascribe to bad karma — was that a joke? — and any way, we’re trying to get back on the frugal horse. Lady Dough is still in New York. I take the licensing exam next Saturday. We’re a little scattered, but after I shred all these old documents things will be nifty.

Post Aversion

August 22, 2007

Not meaning that we are past the aversion, but we are still getting it in gear. Lady Dough mentioned something very post-worthy (I thought at the time, now it slips my mind) last night as we were conferring long distance.

She’s pounding the streets of Manhattan and marveling how few people are in the city this time of year.

I’m continuing to patronize the local deli near my work, which is nothing special, costing me about $7 a pop.


August 21, 2007

I am back, sort of. An east coast vacation leaves me somewhat discombobulated, not feeling the frugality. I bought a BLT. I crank the central air — not dealing with jet lag and super-hot house. Just ain’t happening.