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Response Burst

August 25, 2007

I was looking at our stats — there was a huge jump during the debt reduction carnival, then a precipitous drop and complete flattening out during our vacation and continuing into the present. This looks suspiciously like what is called an extinction (or response) burst. First, I must assert that that is not what it is! Say it isn’t so!
Extinction burst.
An extinction burst occurs after a reinforcement is discontinued. For instance, if you stop picking up the crying baby at night, initially, the baby will cry louder, perhaps even for a longer period of time. But eventually, lacking reinforcement, the baby will stop crying.

‘Correct’ parenting.
(I’m not advocating that you leave your baby crying in the crib. Nor am I saying it’s tantamount to a war crime. For the most part, I think that’s a very personal decision that has as much to do with who parents are and what they can tolerate, in conjunction with who their child is and what she can tolerate. It has more to do with these things than any particular prescribed way of ‘correct’ or ‘incorrect’ parenting. In other words, it depends. Whatever works for you!)

Back in the saddle.
What was the topic again? Oh, right. Well, there was a huge spike in the stats. And then there was the plateau of death. I’m cooking a Trader Joe’s pizza. There was a comment on the site that I can only ascribe to bad karma — was that a joke? — and any way, we’re trying to get back on the frugal horse. Lady Dough is still in New York. I take the licensing exam next Saturday. We’re a little scattered, but after I shred all these old documents things will be nifty.