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Menu Planning, Kitchen Mindfulness

July 6, 2007

Refrigerator Post

This is one way we’ve been trying to conquer the coming-up-short-at-mealtime blues, leading to hunger-fueled grocery runs and general grumpiness. Since, in the busy-ness of the week, we tend to get quite scattered, what they call in the trade “not having a mind,” it’s helpful to have some meal ideas, and reminders about ingredients that are on hand.

It looks like hell in Google Docs.


Frugality Apparently Not For All!

June 6, 2007

Zoinks! Organizedgal has really dropped a bomb on the blog. I hope she cheers up some! I think she might be sick with withdrawal (no pun intended) from the Bank of Mom and Dad. Anyway, it’s great to have her on board. I am also tickled pink that Bizarro Debt World has now put us in their blogroll. Cool!

I’ve been feeling a certain freedom in my zero dollar, zero cent day. Since blogging has become a near menacing habit, I now see that the writing is not only its own reward, but reinforces the frugal mindset. It keeps you focused. Anyway, I am totally digging it for the moment.

Thinking about ways to build up the reserve fund…