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Consumer Itch: If Pigs Could Fly

August 5, 2007

Cortez and Mizrahi.
Just came back from Target, Great Indoors, Lowes, and narrowly avoided a visit to Design Beyond Reach. We got some supplies (plus Isaac Mizrahi top) at Target. The Great Indoors was the only place where we did damage, but circumscribed. We need to get a front porch light for while we’re on vacation. They have a whole line of lighting called “Aztec”. Apparently Cortez was entranced by the small outdoor lamps of the Aztecs.

Time to cool off.
We also looked at refrigerators, an ominous category. The average big one seems to run $2000. You can go built-in, but that’ll run you $5000.

Fake pigs and fountains.
They also had fake pigs in the halloween section of the store. These could prove useful for a therapist’s office. Perhaps mounted on a wall, as though walking upwards, or, swaying from nylon, as if flying.

Another item of interest for the budding professional in me: fountains. These are both cheesy and relaxing. One model was called: “in/out joy”. One can only wonder at this. The big fountains run $300. There was a little one called “little solace” or something. It was marked at $69. That I could handle. I wonder. Do therapists unplug their fountains at night? Or do they gurgle on?

Up next: Carnival of Debt Reduction.