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Budgeting Freaks

June 11, 2007

So, yes we had an unplanned $20 lunch out (thank god for $3 kiddie meals)…so much for all my macho talk.

As husband Noma mentioned we had the awkward deer-in-the-headlights look when we received the unexpected lunch invitation. We were hanging out with our friends at the park (free! yipee!) when we heard them utter the sinfully tempting question “so, do you want to go to lunch?” Simple question, eh? Based on our weird pregnant pause our friends probably wondered if they had forgotten to apply their deodorant.

Little did they know we’ve become budgeting freaks. The lunch invitation was not expected. Our budgeting brains froze. I heard “does not compute” in my brain. Noma had a far away look in his eye and then he finally blinked. Noma made the final call to come back to earth and join our friends for for lunch.

Were we right to say yes? I think so. Instead of feeling guilty about this unexpected expense I’m going to try to take YNAB (you need a budget) advice which is to subtract $20 from next week’s budget.

Its going to take some getting used to this tracking, watching, recalculating…I guess at least we’re becoming more aware. Baby steps, I suppose.


Searing Pain of Denial

May 27, 2007

Today was a DWL, no question. Took the kids to Houston’s and, as Bizarro says, dropped some serious dime.

Also started looking at our budget. Outflow is twice inflow. It is so much worse than I had anticipated, time to start deferring loans, hacking away at everything in sight, setting some serious goals.

10 Horrible Things You Don’t Want to Do In Grad School Because They Are Financial Suicide

May 5, 2007

1. pay for compact discs, meals, drinking binges on credit cards and be shocked when you wade through the pile of bills on your desk only to discover you’ve doubled your APR and incurred multiple late fees
2. eat out at restaurants, especially like almost always
3. maintain the same spending habits from when you had a job
4. take classes that you could probably test out of because you’re afraid you’ll miss out on some illusory ‘experience’
5. not have a budget, and not track your spending
6. take out unnecessary student loans
7. visit ATM machines like they dispense coca cola
8. not consolidate student loans before you graduate
9. worry about what you’re going to do after grad school, when you could be investigating options
10. viewing fellow students as horrible nuisances and thinking that you’ll network after you graduate

I’m embarrassed to say I was guilty of most of these. Now I am doing post-doctoral training in clinical psychology and eager to make some dough, liquidate some junk, kick this consumerism habit, get back in charge — you know? I have over $150,000 in student loans and roughly $50,000 credit card debt. Watch me get out of this…

I’ve been touched and inspired by the frugal debt reduction blogs.