Friends with iPhones

I have a confession to make. I feel very judgemental towards my few friends who have purchased the new iPhone. I also feel a bit of shock and awe when I see acquaintances I know pushing around bugaboo strollers. For those lucky enough live in cities more sensible than Los Angeles the bugaboo is a stroller that costs $899. Insane, isn’t it?

I wish everyone I know great happiness and success. I don’t begrudge anyone their success. And yet I can’t help but feel outraged that someone would spend $600 on a phone or $899 on a stroller.

I don’t think that deep down I want an iPhone or a bugaboo. I think my issue is that I think it’s wrong to spend that much on a gadget or on a stroller. Do others feel similarly outraged?

I read Psychology Today’s article on Friends with Money which I found interesting. I don’t think the article addresses the judgements we all make about the choices our friends. Don’t we judge our friends by HOW they spend their money, not just whether they have it? I know very wealthy people who would never spend $899 on a bugaboo. What people spend doesn’t necessarily correlate to how much money they have…All we know is what we see. And I know that the frickin iPhone and bugaboo are triggers for me to judge someone unwise and flashy and with materialistic values. Could I be wrong? Maybe there is some jealousy there that I’m not addressing…


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